Helpful tips and cheat around the real estate

Attention case of commission:
More than half of all living real estates are obtained by real estate agents to a buyer.
Usually a broker commission becomes due for the switching, which is carried by the buyer. Now it can quite be that a real estate of mehren brokers is offered.
Caution: If you requested with mehren brokers a Expose, in principle everyone is provisonsberechtigt this broker!

Ours tip:
Inform immediately after receipt of the Exposes (or publication of the object address) the appropriate broker that the real estate already admits to you is. Additionally you should make yourselves a memorandum over it, which coworker of the brokerage office, on which day and to which time you sent the message.
Also broker commissions are negotiatable!

The trick that purchase of land-expensively:
With the acquisition of a real estate result 3.5 % purchase of land-expensively on the purchase price of the real estate.
On along-sold inventory however none must be paid purchase of land-expensively.
Ours type:
Let with the purchase of a house or a dwelling the inventory with indication of the value in the notarial sales contract prove separately.
In addition belong for example: Installation kitchens, chimney ovens, fuel oil, summer-houses, with dwellings proportionate reserves.

Caution with the purchase of shop guardians!
There is only one reason why a real estate during a longer period is away not sold: the price is not corresponding to real market conditions.
Thus absolutely ask before the purchase of a real estate, how long the object is already offered and for which price the Erstangebot took place.
If the real estate is already several months on the market, you should acquire the object only if the purchase price were reduced in the meantime clearly.

The swindle with the purchase price:
Unfortunately one encounters in the course of a real estate search again and again offers in the newspapers, with which installation kitchens, garages or Swimmingpools not in the offered purchase price is contained, but must be acquired nevertheless with the real estate. Of it one experiences then only in the Expose or with the inspection. Unfortunately the legislator prescribes only for brokers and builders that in the advertisement (advertisement, Expose) the total price of a real estate must be always indicated. To private salesmen this regulation does not apply. They should however with these offers special caution walten to leave, since is to be assumed the price was covered, because the offered object is too expensive.

Do not let be mistaken:
The value of a real estate depends also on the floor space the available. Particularly are houses with a floor space from 130m2 to 150 m2 like according to DIN examining you these data. Small houses lower purchase prices obtain and are more difficult to sell. Therefore real estate sales in the announcements often concern the living/effective area. For example 175 m2 Wfl/Nfl (approx. 120 m2 floor space correspond according to DIN).
Also with roof dwellings control is advisable, gladly surfaces meadow-genuinly due to its room height not at all or only partly meadow genuine to become will be allowed.
In the advertisement the total area of the live-economical real estate used may be delivered by brokers or builders only if the floor space of two thirds corresponds to the total area of the object.